TUBE 18F 2.5 - 3.00mm

Tube dimensions: 100/100-18, 110/100-18, 120/100-18, 120/90-18, 130/90-18, 130/80-18, 140/80-18, 150/70-18
TUBE 18F 2.5 - 3.00mm


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Tube dimensions
Product number: 109.5034203
Product information "TUBE 18F 2.5 - 3.00mm"
There are still many drivers in the private, as well as in the professional sector, who prefer the use of a tube over the mousse. One of the reasons for this is that you can adjust the pressure ratios of the tire individually, depending on the surface and the track level. Thus, one is considerably more flexible than when using mousse.
However, when using the tube, even with a high wall thickness, there is always a risk of getting a flat tire - for example, due to a nail.

  • Competition tubes - for the professional and also for everyday use
  • GIBSON® Tech tubes are manufactured exclusively for GIBSON® in Europe.
  • GIBSON® Tech tubes are offered for the sizes commonly used in off-road racing
  • GIBSON® Tech tubes are available in different wall thicknesses
  • GIBSOPN® Tech tubes are extremely durable and have a long service life
  • With a wall thickness of 4 mm, this tube does not even mind a curb at high speeds
Produktgruppe: Schläuche
Rim size: 18 inch
GIBSON® Tyre Tech
The GIBSON® Tyre Tech brand is strongly influenced by a passion for motorbike off-road racing. The company was founded in 2014 based on this passion and the goal of developing and manufacturing high-performance off-road tyres. As part of globalisation, GIBSON® also maintains worldwide business relationships. A team of developers with many years of international success in tyre development works with us on future innovations. Our global production network manufactures products of the highest quality, which we make available to all off-road fans. Just like GIBSON® tyres, the worldwide patented GIBSON® mousse and GIBSON® tubes also stand out with their absolute top quality. Always being one step ahead and constantly improving existing products is what drives us every day. The close contact to our riders on the track and to our global sales partners helps us reach our goals. Their experience and expertise flow into the new development and optimisation of all GIBSON® products.
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