Dimension: 110/100-18
Gibson Tech 7.1 Soft Rear


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Product number: 109.3032698
Product information "TECH 7.1 SOFT (X57) REAR"
GIBSON® TECH 7.1 SOFT - for fast Enduro.


This ultra-modern rear tire can be used in all training and competitions that are not organized according to the FIM regulations. It convinces with the best characteristics, by its uncompromising tread design with high lugs and an optimal arrangement of the tread blocks, this offers the best possible tire contact area. In addition, the greater tread depth ensures tremendous grip in deep soil and very good self-cleaning.
For sports use on various surfaces, the GIBSON®TYRE TECH
7.1 SOFT were developed. Both variants also feature the uncompromising tread pattern with high lugs in different degrees of hardness. The grip level of the rubber compound is extremely high and thus enables strong propulsion on all surfaces. The all-rounder with approval according to ECE-R75 and DOT.

  • Competition tire - for the professional competition driver
  • perfect for softer, deep grounds, special tests on grass and fields
  • narrow construction also for smaller cubic classes for agile, fast passages
  • very high contact area due to soft rubber compound
  • this means that the tire adapts very well to all irregularities
  • higher lugs than TECH 6.2, therefore not approved by FIM
  • meets the requirements of ECE-R75 and DOT certification
Produktgruppe: Reifen
Rim size: 18 inch
Soil condition: Forest floor, Mud floor, Rubble, Asphalt, Mixed soil, Wet rock, Sandy soil, Coarse gravel, Meadow
Tire width: 110 mm
GIBSON® Tyre Tech
The GIBSON® Tyre Tech brand is strongly influenced by a passion for motorbike off-road racing. The company was founded in 2014 based on this passion and the goal of developing and manufacturing high-performance off-road tyres. As part of globalisation, GIBSON® also maintains worldwide business relationships. A team of developers with many years of international success in tyre development works with us on future innovations. Our global production network manufactures products of the highest quality, which we make available to all off-road fans. Just like GIBSON® tyres, the worldwide patented GIBSON® mousse and GIBSON® tubes also stand out with their absolute top quality. Always being one step ahead and constantly improving existing products is what drives us every day. The close contact to our riders on the track and to our global sales partners helps us reach our goals. Their experience and expertise flow into the new development and optimisation of all GIBSON® products.
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Our recommendation

GIBSON® Mousse - "the hidden champion". The patented GIBSON®MOUSSE revolutionizes the complete, well-known mousse technology!Patented ring-shaped constrictions offer two significant improvements over conventional technology in hard racing use:The constrictions absorb additional volume of mousse gel during assembly, which leads to a more effective distribution of the gel and thus to a better dissipation of the heat generated. This increases the service life and thus also the operating times of the mousse.The patented constrictions increase the tire contact area. The result: improved adhesion, maximum grip and extreme steering precision significantly improve driving performance.Mousse - sponge rubber rings that are becoming more and more widespread in off-road sports.Mousse is used instead of a classic, air-filled tube in the tire to provide it with the necessary volumethese sponge rubber rings are offered in different degrees of hardness in order to simulate the air pressure that is common in the classic inner tubethis is achieved in the course of the production of such foam rubber rings, by making this foam, from which the foam rubber consists, differently dense or loosethe use of mousse prevents the tire from flattening due to external impact, e.g. a nail, or hard, sharp edges that can cause a tube to burstthis guarantees the rider in training use - and of course especially where it matters - in competition use, the finish without a flat tire!each GIBSON®Mousse is delivered in a carton, additionally shrink-wrapped in foil with negative pressurethis ensures maximum protection against degassing, sunlight and dirt, which leads to an additional increase in life expectancyMousse has a limited shelf life, as the sponge rubber is subject to a natural shrinking process - for this reason, GIBSON® Mousse is only ever produced in such quantities that the customer can be guaranteed maximum storage & service lifeworldwide patent protectedfor all applicationsespecially developed for the extreme requirements of Enduro usespecially developed grooves give the Gibson mousse a longer shelf life than that of the competition


GIBSON® MX 1.1 - the track-following all-rounder. Developed for the high demands of professional MX sport, the Crosslink technology with its additional bracing between the outer lugs guarantees the highest possible stability, optimum lean angle and secure ground contact.Steering precision and directional stability after hard landings on soft as well as on mixed surfaces characterize the GIBSON® TECH MX 1.1 just as much as the excellent grip and the pronounced durability.Available in six different dimensions, the GIBSON® TECH MX 1.1 is optimized for different track conditions and can be used on surfaces ranging from soft to medium-hard.Competition tire -for the motocross professional and ambitious sports ridersthe narrow construction is perfect for fast and narrow approach roadstop stability, lateral control and directional stability even in extreme lean anglesrecommended for all types of ground, except hard groundultra light construction and soft carcass construction guarantee high elasticityhigh proportion of tread in contact with the groundalso available in the relevant junior cross sizes

€32.00 - €65.00*

GIBSON® TECH 8.1 Standard - for fast Enduro tracks & tests. 90/90-21"This front tire is the cross-sectionally, flat version of the Triology in the family of GIBSON Enduro front tires.It combines extreme directional stability with exceptional durability. The GIBSON® TECH8.1 is optimized for different surfaces and can be used on soils from "soft" to "hard". It can therefore be driven on light and heavy soils alike and finds its target with incredible steering precision.The dimensions of the GIBSON® TECH 8.1 comply with FIM regulations and it has ECE-R75 and DOT approvals. This tire has also proven itself in numerous applications on hard surfaces in motocross.Competition tire - for professional drivers and ambitious amateursthe flatter construction is perfect for fast special stagesrecommended for tight turns on grass and soft groundrobust and durable compound with excellent all-round profilevery good grip with long service lifereliable over long distancesroad legal and FIM approvedmeets ECE-R75 and DOT certification requirements


GIBSON® TECH 9.1 - for competitions and daily use. 90/100-21"This front tire is designed primarily for the technical Enduro disciplines according to FIM regulations, for Cross Country and Extreme Enduro use.Of course, it also meets the specifications for ECE-R75 and DOT approval. The GIBSON® TYRE TECH 9.1 is the perfect all-rounder. It combines maximum directional stability with exceptional stability.The specially developed rubber compound is tear-resistant and extremely resilient even under the greatest forces.High grip level and a wide contact area complete the outstanding properties of this super sports tire.Versatile tirefor the sporty ambitious driverhigh directional stability even in deep rutslonger durability thanks to a harder rubber compound than the TECH 9.1 Softroad legal and FIM approvedmeets ECE-R75 and DOT certification requirements


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